Barbara J. Saunders


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Barbara J. Saunders

Artist Name

Barbara J Saunders

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Barbara Saunders knew she had a passion for art by age 6 when she began creating cartoons. She was always inspired by drawing and wanted to produce pieces that expressed her unique talents. Saunders focuses much of her work on facial expressions that convey human emotion. She utilizes paper, canvas, pencil, and marker in her freehand drawings. She describes her development as an artist as both wonderful and rewarding. She credits her fellow artists with motivating her desire to deliver distinctive artwork.

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Untitled (Figure, sky, landscape) Artist Work
Untitled (Two people standing) Artist Work
Untitled (Faces and hand) Artist Work
Untitled (Sky and buildings) Artist Work
Untitled (Colorful faces and shapes) Artist Work
Untitled (Faces) Artist Work
Untitled (Many faces) Artist Work
Untitled (buildings) Artist Work
Untitled (Faces) Artist Work