Knicoma "Intent" Frederick


Artist Name

Knicoma "Intent" Frederick

Artist Name

Knicoma "Intent" Frederick

Birth year or Llife span

b. 1980

Artist "Identity"

African American


Frederick is a prolific artist who creates hundreds of works per year, some stand-alone, some part of larger, indivisible, hundred-plus page collections he refers to as “art books”. With subject matter including symbolic battles against the evils of violence and drugs, Frederick sees his own work as a method for “overcoming the evil that’s in people’s way”. He works in a variety of media, including colored pencil, marker and pen, crayon, acrylic, watercolor, and oil pastel. Born in 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, Frederick began to explore art in school. Frederick's work has been exhibited at Fleisher/Ollmann Gallery (Philadelphia), LAND Gallery (New York), Arts Project Australia (Melbourne), and has been reviewed in ArtForum. His artistic practice is currently based at the Creative Vision Factory, in Wilmington, DE.

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